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Needs Assessment


In February 2013 EISA deployed a fact-finding mission to Mogadishu to assess the political context and identify the gaps and needs of stakeholders in the areas of democracy and governance. The mission consulted stakeholders on the status of ongoing democracy support initiatives by national and international groups to identify areas where EISA can add value.

Programme development and launch


Based on the findings of its fact-finding mission, EISA developed a four year programme aimed at contributing to the capacity building of key state and non-state actors to achieve the peace and state-building goals of the Somali Compact Agreement signed in September 2013. The Institute's support and capacity building initiatives to civil society and political associations as well as the organisational development of legislative and key electoral institutions will contribute to laying the foundations for stabilisation and democratisation of state and society in Somalia. To this end, an EISA field office was opened in Mogadishu in January 2014.

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Programme objectives


The programme has four main objectives:

  1. Strengthening the organisational capacity of Civil Society Organisations
  2. Supporting the establishment and capacity of Political Parties
  3. Supporting the Parliament in its constitution making functions
  4. Exposing key electoral actors to electoral systems, management and administration

Programme activities

  Administrator election training

Two main areas of activity thus far have been:

  1. Electoral support through building the capacity of stakeholders such as the National Independent Electoral Commission, civil society organisations and political parties.
  2. State building stabilisation by training programmes development for and training trainers to skill caretaker administrators in areas newly accessible to the national government.

Goodwill message on EISA's 20th Anniversary

Established in 2013, EISA Somalia has been implementing a four-year programme under the title of: Supporting transition, stability and democratisation in Somalia. The programme covers activities with key State and non-state stakeholders involved in the peacebuilding and state-building process
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