EISA's Tanzania publications

tan2004pub Election observer missions

Dilemmas of Political Transition: Towards Institutionalisation of Multiparty Democracy in Tanzania, Edited by Shumbana Karume, 2004

  • Research report: Parties and Political Development in Tanzania, Rose Shayo, 2005
  • Research report: Promoting the Effectiveness of Democracy Protection Institutions in Southern Africa: Tanzania's Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance, Ernest T. Mallya, 2009
  • Handbook

    Tanzanian Electoral Laws and Regulations, AH Senguji and Tom Lodge, 2000
    A practical guide for those who may need a concise summary of the laws governing elections in Tanzania. It covers the following: General observations; The National Electoral Commission; The Secretariat of the Commission; Voter registration; Nomination of candidates; Election campaigns; Conduct of elections; Election and voting procedures; Counting of votes; Vote addition and announcement of results; Absence of agents; Election petitions
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