Publications: Conflict management
  • Manual: Tsad: Programme de gestion du médiateur électoral: Manuel du participant, 2011 [PDF].
  • Fourth Annual Symposium: Preventing and Managing Violent Election-Related Conflicts in Africa: Exploring Best Practises, 17-18 November 2009, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Symposium proceedings; order hard copy – R20
  • Conference: SADC NGO Network Roundtable – The Role of Democratic Elections in Promoting Regional Stability and Peace: The Challenge for Civil Society, Dar es Salaam, 1999
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  • Conference: Angolan Roundtable on Consensus Building, 2002
  • Conference: Consolidating Peace and Democracy in Mozambique through Election-related Conflict Management Initiatives, 2003
  • Conference: Conflict Management Programme Report: South African Local Government Elections August-December 2000, Johannesburg, June 2000
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  • Conference: Report on Conflict Management Committees and Arbitration Panels for the National Assembly and Provincial Elections, Johannesburg, June 1999
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  • Conference: Lesotho’s 2007 General Elections: Towards a Constructive Management of Post-election Disputes, EISA Workshop, 25-27 September 2007, Maseru, Lesotho
    Conference proceedings; order free hard copy (excluding postage)
  • Book: When Elephants Fight: Preventing and Resolving Election-Related Conflicts in Africa
    Eds Khabele Matlosa, Gilbert M Khadiagala and Victor Shale – R120 – order online
    Chronicles contemporary trends and examines electoral conflicts and the way in which various national, regional, and international players have tried to resolve them. Includes detailed case studies on Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.
  • Book: Challenges of Conflict, Democracy and Development in Africa
    Eds Khabele Matlosa, Jørgen Elklit and Bertha Chiroro, 2007 – R150 – order online
    The overall aim of this volume is to contribute to the on-going academic and policy discourse on the interface between governance, democratisation, security and development in Africa’. The volume itself ia a culmination of a dialogue process involving various stakeholders during the inaugural 2006 EISA annual symposium held in Johannesburg, and provides an overview and analysis of wide-ranging and comparative case studies.
  • Handbook: Conflict Management for Presiding Officers and Counting Officers in South Africa, A Brews and C Nupen, 1999
    The objectives of the handbook are to promote understanding of the nature of conflict in the context of the 1999 democratic election in South Africa to inculcate management skills that Presiding and Counting officers will require, and to provide case studies for the kinds of dispute that may arise.
  • Handbook: Conflict Resolving, EISA and IEC of RSA, 1999